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Roasted tomatoes are super easy to make and are ideal both for lunch and dinner. Children who do not usually eat vegetables will love this recipe and will keep asking for more. All you have to do is try this recipe once and you won’t regret it!

Recipes: Roasted tomatoes

Ingredients (Serves 4 people)

10 big tomatoes, halved lengthwise, with no cores and seeds

3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons of white vinegar

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 tablespoon of honey

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of black pepper

2 tablespoons of thyme

1 teaspoon of oregano


Heat the oven to 400 degrees F.  In a big roasting pan, put the tomatoes, the extra virgin olive oil,  most of the white vinegar, the minced garlic cloves, the honey, the salt and the black pepper.  Roast for 17 minutes. Once the tomatoes are ready, put then in a bowl and set them aside. Put the roasting pan on the stove and cook over medium heat for 5 to 6 minutes at the most. Last but not least, add the thyme and the oregano. Spray the roasted tomatoes with the remaining white vinegar. Serve immediately.


You can use cherry tomatoes if you want your meal to be lighter. For more intense flavor, you can replace white vinegar with balsamic vinegar, but in such a case, it will be best not to use black pepper, otherwise the flavor will be too intense.  If you do not like thyme and oregano, you can use  parsley and rosemary instead. Also, if you do not like honey, you can use brown sugar instead.  If for some reason you cannot serve this dish immediately, you should definitely keep it in the fridge for about an hour at the most. After that, the taste will not be half as good.

20 Apr 2016

Recipe for Making Apple Cider

What’s better than buying a can of apple cider? Making one at home! With this recipe, the apple cider you will be making will turn out to be more delicious than the ones sold at the market, and healthier too, since you know what ingredients were used. 

The history of cider dates back to around 55 BC. When the Romans arrived to England, they have found the local villagers drinking a delicious cider-like beverage made from apples. Cider is defined as “a fermented beverage made from apple juice”. It is famous in many parts of the world such as the United Kingdom, the United States, France and other countries. However, in some countries it is hard to find apple cider in the market. 

Here’s how to make a fresh gallon of apple cider at home: 


* 36 Apples

Note: Choosing your apples: 

You need to choose the apples very carefully since they are the main ingredient and will affect the outcome. Choose the sweetest apples you can find to avoid adding sugar later on, such as Fuji apples or Red Delicious. It is advised that you use a mixture of apples of different kind and of different color. Do not add a lot of green apples since they are not very sweet. When choosing apples, avoid the ones that are bruised, and use fresh apples.

Things you’ll need: 

*An apple corer (or a knife) 

*A blender or a food processor

*A cheesecloth

*A container to place your apple cider in


*Wash all apples thoroughly with cold running water for a minute or so and dry them

*Peel all the apples to remove the skin

*Use an apple corer to core the apples. If you do not have an apple corer, you can do this manually by cutting the apples in half and then carving them with a knife to remove the center of each half. 

*Cute the apples in quarters

*Puree the apples, using a food processor or a blender until the apples are finely ground. You will get more juice from the apples if they are more finely ground.

*This is a rather messy step: Put a cheesecloth over the container in which you will be storing your apples. If you do not have a cheesecloth, you can purchase it from any store

*Pure the pureed apples into the cheesecloth. Squeeze the pureed apple through the cheesecloth so its juice is in the container below. You need to spend some time on this and use steady pressure to make sure you extract most or all the juice you can from the apples.

*Discard the cheesecloth or put it away. Cover the container with the apple juice with an air-tight lid and place in the refrigerator. If stored in the refrigerator, it should stay fresh up to a week. Otherwise you can pasteurize your apple cider by heating it to around 70 degrees Celsius (Around 160 degrees Fahrenheit) that will kill any bacteria present on the apple cider and it could last for up to 3 or 4 weeks (this is recommended)

Note:  If you won’t be consuming your apple cider anytime soon or would like to keep it fresh for a long time, you can freeze your apple cider and it will be fresh and tastes good for a year! 

Enjoy your fresh homemade apple cider! 

16 Apr 2016