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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People who tend to skip breakfast or just have a cup of coffee every morning do not get the ingredients they need and cannot function properly during the day. Breakfast recipes with fruits  are highly recommended, as they are both delicious and healthy. The following article will present some ideas in that direction.

Recipes: Quick fruity breakfast ideas

Fruity omelette

Omelettes are loved by almost everyone, but few are the ones who think of adding fruits to them. Adding seasonal fruits  and/or  some vanilla yogurt to a regular omelette recipe can make breakfast more nutritious and more tasty at the same time. If fresh seasonal fruits cannot be found, dry fruits are good alternatives.

Fruit smoothie

A fruit smoothie is another excellent breakfast idea. Ideal for those who do not eat enough fruits and vegetables and want to follow a healthier diet without sacrificing anything, fruit smoothies all full of minerals, vitamins and nutrients, taste great and are super easy to prepare. With a  blender, seasonal  or frozen fruits and some yogurt, a great fruit smoothie can be made in less than 5 minutes.

Fruit bread

Fruit breads are not very common, but are very healthy, taste great and will be appreciated by all family members, equally. Fruits. either fresh or dry can be added while bread will be prepared in the usual way. For better results, it is best to add only 1 or 2 fruits at a time, otherwise the taste will be kind of strange.

Fruit salad

A fruit salad is another great breakfast choice, which only takes a few minutes to prepare. With a huge list of fresh seasonal fruits to choose from, it is certain that there is something for everyone. Some lemon or orange juice and a little honey or sugar can be added for more intense flavor.

With so many options to choose from, the results can only be good!

15 Apr 2016