Health Plan for Security

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12 Apr 2016

New Drug: ATX-101 Eliminates Submental Fat

With all sort of treatments and expensive cures for double chin, a new company called Kythera Biopharmaceuticals has been developing a new injection which promises to eliminate chin and neck fat  in an easy and non-expensive way. According to scientists and dermatologists the initial tests of the drugs have give really promising results and it has high probabilities to be accepted as a secure method.


The name of the drug is called ATX-101, and the treatment consists of four injections that will help eliminates all the submental fat in just a few months. The drug was applied to a group of patients and they all reported a significant reduction in submental fat, with no worsening of the skin looseness. The patients also reported a reduction in the psycological impact they felt due to the appearance of their face and chin. One of the problems some patients found was a mild inflammatory response, even though it was well tolerated by most of them.

The ATX-101 works by killing fat cells under the chin area, after the destruction, the body starts a natural healing process that involves clearing New Drug: ATX 101 Eliminates Submental Fat cellular debris. The injections are applied with at least one month apart from each other. In the initial experiment, 2 different dosages and placebo were given to the pacients. The patients that received ATX-101  had a reduction of a least 1 point in the fat-rating scale. Patients where clearly happier with their face after the treatment.

This are some comments from Professor Berthold Rzanny, Lead Author of the ATX-101 Study:

“This study demonstrates that subcutaneous injections with ATX-101 yield a clinically meaningful and statistically significant reduction in unwanted submental fat, decrease the psychological impact on patients, and are well tolerated,”.

This might seem like a pretty good solution to the double chin problem, however I recommend to wait for more experiments and results with the drug before trying it, as it is still an experimental drugs and scientist do not guarantee any kind of bad side effect when taking the drug. As always the best solutions involve taking care of your diet, or trying natural programs and chin exercises to eliminate this disturbing problem.

Please share your comments about this new scientific discovery, and tell us if you´ll be willing to try it or not.

13 Mar 2016

Your Private Model – The Most Necessary Asset You Own

Your number one asset has nothing to do with the house you live in, the automobile you drive, how much money you make or the friends you have.

Your number one asset may also have a terrific affect on all this and more.

This asset is your private model and it’s concerned with the whole lot you do.

The essence of a personal model is found in your relationships.

Consider a can of Coca Cola. For essentially the most part, the components for Coke is identical across the world. It never changes to swimsuit an individual. It is what it is. Do you want Coke? Are you aware people who dislike it? Are you aware folks with a take it or go away it view? If you happen to interviewed one hundred folks, there’s little doubt you’d get one hundred different descriptions of what Coke means to each person. Yet, Coke is at all times the same.

The model of Coke is held in every a type of relationships.

By consistency, Coke satisfies the needs of its followers. Those that prefer something else can discover a better match with something else.

You might not walk around in a purple can, but how folks see you stands out just a clearly for others to see. With a little acutely aware tuning you may develop your own model to the advantage of your job, your profession and your passions.

Establishing Your Personal Brand

Establishing a personal model starts with an inventory. The inventory you’re taking is a survey of the inspiration which is able to support your on-line actions and your private brand. This inventory just isn’t based mostly on the stuff you have got in your own home, or hiding underneath the seat in your car. It is based mostly on what you carry around inside.

What are your values?

What you do is a reflection of your principals and values. What do you stand for? How do you want to behave towards, and in front of, others? Questions like these help establish a baseline in opposition to which your actions are measured. Are you aware yourself to be a compassionate person at heart? It is in all probability finest to make sure you think on that for those who ever end up in a heated dialogue on-line or face-to-face.

Every thing you do on-line leaves a trail again to you. Six months from now, somebody studying a snippy comment you left in your weblog won’t notice that you weren’t your finest that day. If that’s their first exposure to you, they could make a judgment about your private brand. Such a poor impression may prevent your subsequent referral or sale without you even realizing it.

First impressions do matter appearing in congruence along with your values is essential in terms of your private brand.

12 Mar 2016

Your time and efforts of Shopping for Unknown Wart Eradication Products On the net

Are you keen on learning much more about wart removal? If consequently, it is inclined that you can have turned to the net. If anyone already started off your homework, what did you see?

With the many products out there, it is inclined that you discovered many new plus relatively uncommon wart removal medications or treatment plans. While we have a chance which these medications or treatment plans may do the job, it is just not guaranteed. Actually, they can be dangerous.

With regards to buying wart removal products on the net, you must proceed by using caution. Despite the fact that online looking is good, it might be dangerous. The net and low-cost internet hosting has made it easy for just about anyone to take up a site. Every time a person develops their very own website, they’ll use the idea for practically whatever they desire, including an online store. You will think connected with online outlets as safe places in order to shop, but you must remember that not every are.

With regard to security uses, you are generally advised towards shopping with an online retailer or maybe website you are unfamiliar by using. If you’ll still plan to make a purchase, you should try to first do a little bit of research. A ordinary internet research or a check with the Greater Business Bureau should determine if you are searching for doing business that has a reputable corporation. If the thing is that anything a great deal of concern, you should try to keep on shopping. Along with having your plastic card or your account with a bank information taken, you may possibly also be putting well being at possibility.

12 Mar 2016

Zakat Distribution

It is necessary to create an intention for your satisfaction regarding Zakat, much like it’s necessary to create an intention with regard to Salah. More, there is no need to show to the desperate particular person (in order to whom Zakat is given) the money or perhaps kind that is receiving in order to your pet is actually Zakat. In the event that one offers a worthwhile particular person some cash like a reward, yet makes the niyyah regarding Zakat, it’ll be appropriate.

Zakat will only be appropriate if the beneficiary is manufactured who owns in which amount. Zakat can not be offered or perhaps used for the building of the masjid, madrassah, clinic, a properly, the link or any other public amenity. Authority could be assigned to a new particular person or even an firm for your submission regarding Zakat so that it can be employed in accordance with the particular laws and regulations regarding Zakat. Automobile representative is offered Zakat with regard to submission, and that he doesn’t distribute this, then the Zakat won’t be viewed as satisfied, as well as the crime regarding not discharging the particular necessary responsibility regarding Zakat will remain an encumbrance upon whom it absolutely was necessary.

How is Zakat being distributed?

– An unhealthy guy can not be paid for his / her function coming from Zakat, neither may Zakat be given within payment regarding anyone’s solutions, other than any time an Islamic authorities pays salaries in order to individuals employed by the authorities to gather Zakat.

12 Mar 2016