Spicy Horseradish Laced Coleslaw

This spicy coleslaw with a twist of flavors will be the hit of your back yard party. Offer it as a topping for barbequed beef or sausage sandwiches that are served on a crispy roll. The secret ingredient is horseradish; add more or less depending on preference. A touch of apple brings cool sweetness, to the heat of this recipe. 

This salad is high in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins C and K. The horseradish can be bought or  easily made at home with fresh horseradish root and white vinegar (recipe at the end). 

This salad tastes best when it has a chance to marinate in the dressing for at least 2 hours.

•Spicy Horseradish Spiked Coleslaw•

Ingredients: (serves 6)

Medium size head of green cabbage cut into quarters, and shredded (about 6 cups)

4 large carrots peeled and grated

6 green scallions chopped

6 medium sized apples, peeled and chopped or grated

¼ Cup lemon juice (fresh squeezed is best)

½ Cup mayonnaise

½ Cup apple cider vinegar

1 Cup (or more to taste) fresh horseradish

Fresh black pepper and sea salt to taste


1). In a large mixing bowl combine the shredded cabbage, carrots and scallions.

2). Toss in the apple and lemon and mix.

3). Add the mayonnaise and blend together.

4). Add the apple cider vinegar slowly tasting as you mix, then the salt and pepper.

5). Chill the well-mixed salad in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. More mayonnaise and vinegar can be added if needed.

•Fresh horseradish ingredients:

Horseradish root (about 4 inches)

½ Cup white vinegar


1). Peel the horseradish root, with a potato peeler or by using the side of a teaspoon

2). Grate the peeled horseradish root with into a strainer

3). Place the strainer full of horseradish over a bowl and slowly pour the vinegar over it

4). Press down on the horseradish to push out excess vinegar

5). Keep refrigerated