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Film Transmission Meter

JN-950 3m Transmission Meter Instrument Solar Movie Tester For Automobile Home Window Film Criterion Screening

The measurement arrangement corresponds the luminance set-up in CIE 130 and also RACKET 5036 yet decreased in dimension into a small unit.The LCRT-2005-S includes an uniform light receiver, controller as well as resource. Both detectors for source of light recommendation as well as transmittance are GO BTS256 diode array sensing units. The Gigahertz-Optik LCRT-2005-S is designed as a portable instrument for the measurement of the regular (In-Line) transmission of windows as well as glasses with and also without reflection reducing coatings busy or on site. Easy procedure, placing the testing example in the “OPENING”, VLT, UVR and IRR worths of the example will all at once show.

PL transmission meter, BL transmission meter, Light Passage Meter, 3 function in ONE device. IR transmission meter, Light Transmittance Meter, in ONE gadget. UV Denial meter, IR Rejection meter, Light Passage Meter, 3 feature in ONE gadget.

  • UV radiation, a mix of UVA and UVB rays, is typically allow through conventional home windows and also adds to the rise in temperature level in the home, as well as excessive brightness and fading of textiles and furniture in the home.
  • Its hand-held style and portable dimension enable dimension at the examination example without any size limitations.
  • Profiling an examination example by several measurements across the example is conveniently carried out.
  • When you inform them you obtained your solar transmission meter on AliExpress, think just how envious you’re pals will certainly be.

Controller supports the dimension set up, the dimension itself and also paperwork employing basic 4 switch procedure. Its compact dimension real estate with silicon side ‘bumper’ defense holds 4 AA type batteries to give lengthy transmission meter procedure time. A backlit single display screen functions huge number dimension for easy analysis and likewise helps with optical alignment together with the receiver electronic camera.

The source is constructed with a tough ODM98 integrating round as well as LED lights. The alignment of source and receiver is streamlined by an internal camera. Up to 100 measurements can be stored in memory as well as read out through the USB interface later on with the software application supplied.

Basic procedure, placing the testing example in the screening setting, PL, vl and bl transmission values of the example will concurrently show. It gauges the total amount of Visual Light Transmission (from this point forward described as VLT) via a window as well as any type of coverings (tint movie) on that window. 5. Suitable for step film, filmed glass, window tint, side windshield and so on . Examination for performance show, production, QA, examination and more several events.

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